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"Trance music is meant to be about positive emotions, we need to get back - both in the music and in the support." What Lange meant by that? What inspires him and what are his plans for 2013? This and much more is in this interview!


Once again you are coming to Poland. This time you will be playing in Esculap Club – during AFTER DARK SESSIONS #100. What can we expect? :)

I am really looking forward to returning to Poland! You can expect a very energetic set with lots of new music from myself as well as my label, Lange Recordings. My recent releases such as 'Hold That Sucker Down', 'Fallen Angel' and 'Destination Anywhere' are good examples of my sound atm!


What do you think about events in Poland? People just go crazy during your set!

Yeah!!! Parties in Poland are always exciting; the Polish crowds know how to party!

As we have the beginning of the year tell me – how can you describe last year and what do you expect from this year?

Last year was great, a really busy one touring and I had a good run in the studio towards the end of the year which has continued into 2013. Lange Recordings has really moved up a gear now that we have collaborated with Enhanced Music who manage distribution and licensing for us. Last year saw our first full music video for 'Our Way Home' get MTV playlisted in the UK, as did the video for 'Crossroads' that followed it! My 'Intercity' radio show celebrated 100 episodes in September too - the show has really grown in the past 12 months. I have even more planned for this year though! 2013 will see the release of my third artist album. My 'Intercity' show has now gone weekly and I'm already working on plans to make the celebrations for 'Intercity 150' even bigger than last year's episode 100.

What's your point of view on the Trance scene of 2013?

Trance is going through a strange time. House music has become more trance-influenced and vice versa. There's a lot of 'Trouse' crossover style stuff around atm, unfortunately as with any fad, the scene has been awash with lots of generic sounding copy-cat and uninventive music. I've got nothing against new styles mixing having an influence on our scene but can't help feeling there's a lack of really good emotive trance out there atm. It's my mission this year to provide some good quality trance that not only hits the spot with 'that feeling' you only get with trance, but also for the music production to be forward thinking and exciting - basically i want to rock everyone's body and mind! ;)


Do you know that for many people through so many years you're like the most influential person on EDM stage? You are giving your fans a little bit of a history right now ;)

Well, I have been told I've been an influence to some people and that makes me feel very honoured! I'm very lucky to be in the position i am, to be travelling the world and writing the music I am passionate about - It's a very busy lifestyle and I work hard at it, and to hear I am any kind of influence to anyone makes it all worthwhile :)

One of my favorite gold thoughts says „ Music is made from one heart to many others”. Are you sympathized with that?

A romantic notion! Yes, much of the music I make has a background story of inspiration that makes it personal to me. This isn't always the case as i can't pick and choose all the times I can be in the studio as I have to write music when I have the time, but it's special when the track has a personal attachment to a life event and that music can then i hope touch and inspire others.

While ago you've posted information which says that you are going to launch a new compilation series next month with favorite tracks that you have featured on IntercityRadio – tell us more! :)

I spend a lot of time going through all the 100s of promo's I receive each week, to find the best music to play in my sets and radio show.
It's important to support the artists who are making this music by buying the tracks so I thought it would be great to showcase my favourite tracks from 'intercity' every month in a compilation.

Which place on earth that you have been took the biggest influence on you?

The most breathtaking place I've ever been to is Iceland. I've toured it twice with my wife and if you want to see epic landscapes, I totally recommend you check it out. I'm a big fan of nature, and have taken influence from places such as a deserted beach i visited in the Western isles of Scotland ('Frozen Beach'), to a weekend spent sailing with 10 good friends on a boat called 'Destination Anywhere'.

Let’s get back for a while to an opening ASOT 600 in Madrid. How was it from your point of view?

I played at ASOT450, 500, and 550 before and they've all been very memorable events. Madrid was no exception! it was a very intimate event as the venue wasn't as big as some previous shows I've done, but ASOT parties always have that extra dimension that makes them feel extra special; the world is listening live!


Is your label Lange Recordings will release your latest productions on CD (CDr)? Some kind of promo CD's?

We still release albums on CD format, but no longer singles.

If you had only one wish that can come true for Trance music, what would it be?

To end the negativity, support those artist you enjoy rather than condemning those that you do not. Trance music is meant to be about positive emotions, we need to get back, both in the music and in the support.

In which part of the world the best, refreshing and moving Trance music in your opinion is produced?

I guess much of Europe is still responsible for producing the more emotive Trance music output! Actually the UK is a strong contender!

The best collaboration from the beginning of your career was with …

I think probably The Morrighanwould be an obvious choice as I worked with them on the likes of “Follow Me” and “Remember”. Of course it was great to be able to remix artists like Faithless and The Pet Shop Boys too around this time!

Is there something you would like to say to young producers who just getting started?

The competition is hotter than ever with more producers than ever before but (in the trance scene anyway) good music get's noticed, so keep sending those demos out. It's very important to stand out and be an individual. Don't copy someone else's sounds or rely on bootlegs to get yourself known. It's a tough business so be prepared to work hard and work smart but if you are doing what you love then that will always be worthwhile.

What would you like to say to your fans in Poland?

I'm really looking forward to heading back to Poland and I hope we can make this a party to remember!

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