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On March 31 at Eskulap club in Poznan we will have a great event! It's all about celebrating the 100 episode of the After Dark Sessions Radioshow, which leads for you Andy Duguid! What will bring 2013 for his career?What are his tips for beginner producents and how he was injured before the show? All can be found in this interview!

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It’s only a month before a big club event – After Dark Sessions 100 in Eskulap Club in Poznań, are you excited?

“Im so so excited for this event. The 50th session in South Africa was amazing, so naturally for the 100th we needed to go bigger! It's a big mile stone in the shows history and Im happy to share this with my Polish friends.”

This party would be a celebration of your 100 Radioshow episode of After Dark Sessions – what was the reason to do it here in Poland?

“There was a number of different city's all over the world in the running to host the event, but the Poznan "campaign" so to speak came out on top for a number of reasons. The number one reason being that Polish trance fans are
among the best fans in the world.”

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Your golden thought says that “To live a dream is a dream come true, for those who don’t dream don’t live”. Are you still truly attached to that sentence?

“I still live by this saying. Without music I don't think I would have much of a life at all.”

As we talking about golden thoughts my favorite is – “Music is made from one heart to many others” – what do you think about that? ;)

“That's a good one! Im gonna steal that for my next album booklet.” :)

Can we expect in the nearest future new labels, productions?

“2013 is probably going to be my biggest year to date. The past 2 years have led up to 2013 with my new album coming out in a few months time.”

Nowadays many producers are changing their styles – please don’t tell us it’s also on your mind!

“I have had many conversations about this and my view is that music shouldn't have to much pre-meditated thought put into it. You should sit down, be inspired and let the music flow naturally.”

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Tell us about a situation that was a milestone for your career.

“I have had lots, that I consider to be mile-stones but I have to say the 50th After Dark Sessions was great. The whole celebration was such a success and to see us trend as the number one trend on twitter was humbling.”

The hardest part in being a DJ/Producer is…?

“The constant inner battle with writers block. If it gets you, you need a strong will to get out of it!”

In which part of the world the best, refreshing and moving Trance music in your opinion is produced?

“I think Russia is coming on really strong. They are staying true to Trance and there is lots of up coming talent bursting on to the scene everyday.”

At what event from all over the world you would like to take a part in?

“I would like to one day get a call up for the ASOT live shows. That'd be something.”

The best collaboration from the beginning of your career was with ….

“Julie Thompson. She is amazing to work with.”

Which track that you’ve made makes you proud and which one is your favorite?

“I was really proud of my track "Signals" and my favourite is "I Want to Believe".”

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Is there something you would like to say to young producers who just getting started?

“I always say not to rush things. There is so much crap being released these days on crappy little labels from artists who made their first ever track on fruity loops. These tracks hang around and you don't want to look back in 5 years time and have your early tracks ruin your chances of being taken seriously as a producer.”

Do you remember the most hilarious thing that took place a short while before your performance?

“I once walked on stage and my bag strap broke in front of 8000 people and they all laughed. Shortly after that, I fell over and banged my head off the monitor and cut my eye open.” :)

What would you like to say to your fans in Poland?

“Thanks for all your continued support and I hope you're all ready to celebrate my 100th session with me!”

And what would you like to say to those who are still thinking about their presence at the After Dark Sessions 100 in Poznań?

“If you can get there, then you will be a part of history. There's only one 100th party and we would love to share this milestone with you.”

Thank you very much for your time and I’m looking forward to hear you in Poznań!

“Thanks and see you soon!!”

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