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 Hi Guys ;) First off all, I would like to thank you so much for taking time of your busy schedule. So, firstly tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you meet together and how did you start a career on house music scene?

Hey! Yeah, it has been quite busy for us lately but it is our pleasure to talk to you, guys! Well, we are just two normal guys from Finland, there's nothing particularly special about us except maybe our passion for music. We actually first met / started talking on a Finnish DJ Forum back in 2010 and very quickly found out that we get along great. We both have a taste for good music so we started thinking "Dude, we really should make a track together some day!"... and now here we are, still going strong.

One of the most important thing for producer is bringing something fresh to music industry. What do you think you bring to music?

We always try to bring timeless melodies to our music. We really enjoy creating tracks that people can listen to, no matter if they are at home or at the club. It’s never about the genre for us, it’s all about the music!

The most important question: When you play in Poland finally? I’m looking forward to listen to you live! And I don’t know if you know, but probably in 2012, Polish fans made an event on Facebook, which was named “We want Maison and Dragen in Poland!” :) So, not only me waiting for you performance in Poland!

Haha yes, that's right! We have been negotiating about our debut show in Poland a couple of times now. Actually at this very moment our management is trying to hook us up with a show over there. It’s about time that we visited Poland. We have always appreciated and loved our Polish fans. Many of them have been giving us a great deal of support since the day we started. So thank you very much for that!

Which producer would you love to work on a track that you haven’t had chance before?

Wow! This is a pretty tough one. We actually just made our first collab track with another producer. But of course, we would love to work with all the legends out there. Armin, Tiesto, Oakenfold... just to name a few. But we would also like to work with some of the new names in the business. So we are keeping an open mind on this one considering the future. 

 “Rio De Janeiro” – probably your most recognizable track, I think. If did this track change something in your life?

“Rio” was a smash hit when it was released. Its success was a big surprise even for us. Soon after we released it, we noticed that melodies really are our "thing". “Rio De Janeiro” changed our lives in a major way and we are very happy about it.

On 3rd March was released your last track “Chinese New Year”. What was your inspiration to making this track?

“Chinese New Year” was heavily influenced by all the big cities in Asia that we had the chance of visiting. We absolutely fell in love with all that "big city buzz" and all those lazy Sunday afternoons at the beach. The melody reminded us about the good times we had at different shows around Asia. 

 What’s next from Maison&Dragen? Tell us about your new plans and co-operations for the 2014.

2014 will be a big year for us. We are going to release our debut album on Armada Music very soon (so stay tuned!). The album will include a total of 17 tracks and 7 of them are brand new / "fresh out the oven". We are very stoked to hear what people think of them.
We are also doing a few collaborations outside the debut album but we can't give you any information about them just yet. *wink*
What comes to touring, we are really excited about all the future shows around the globe. More touring info coming up also a bit later.

What do you think about EDM? Do not you have had enough? Still the same sound and melodies.

EDM, what’s that? Haha, just kidding. We are actually quite happy to see that the EDM scene is taking over the world like a TSUNAMI (see what we did there?). It is really helping a lot of new producers to reach out to the surface. Once the "new kids" find EDM, maybe through that they will be able to find more and more good music produced around the world. Even something that isn't being released through a major label.

If some young producer asks for your support, and you find his work great, what do you do ? And what is your advice for young producers?

We get a lot of demos, promos and questions about producing. If we really like it, then we will most definitely support it. We enjoy discovering new artists and producers. It is what makes this scene interesting. You can learn and find new things everyday. Our advice for all the producers out there is pretty simple: Work hard, believe in your dreams and keep pushing till you reach your goals. There will be a lot of setbacks but if you keep on trying, you will be rewarded someday.


Have you already achieved success in your life?

Yeah, we have had some success. We have been getting a lot of positive feedback on our tracks. We have also been noticed by some of the biggest labels and the biggest players in the business but we are not going stop here, that's for sure!

Thank you very much for opportunity to exchange few words, guys! I just can’t wait for your future productions and I wish you good luck. And if you want to say something to your fans in Poland, feel free to do it now :)

Thank you! This was our pleasure! We just want to say: „dziękujemy za wsparcie, mamy nadzieję, że do zobaczenia wkrótce.”

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