Andreas Litterscheid aka CJ Stone - DJ & Producer from Berlin

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Almost every clubber knows his greatest hits, such as Shining Star or Infinity. A real legend of dance music, on stage for over 15 Years. Lots of clubbers began their adventure with this music from his tracks. We present You - interview with CJ Stone.

CJ Stone

You are a part of the scene for around 20 years. There were a lot of changes in music since then. A couple of years ago the biggest trend in trance and EDM music was big room / trouse, now it's being replaced with UK trance or psy-trance. What do You thing about those changes?
Changes are important and it is normal. A new generation is born and they have of course! Their own style and interpretation of Dance Music. I like this and of course this youngsters are an!
inspiration for me too.

What will be the next most popular style in music in Your opinion?
Deep and house is back and EDM will be more and more Melodic.

Don't You miss sometimes the good old days of dance music, like Your legendary "Shining Star" or "The Sun goes down" ?
No, it was a great time but the present is also very very nice.

Would You agree with the statement, that old music had more melody and "feelings" and now it's all about big bass and drop?
No because we had in the past also periods with hard music and if you listen to the music now! Then you will hear that Melodies are back again.

How did Your big adventure with music started? 
I started 1990 with doing my own Mixtapes without Turntables only with pitchable Tapedecks. 1991 i had my first DJ Job in a Club in Cologne and 1994 i startet with Productions.

You were a part of a project called Bass Bumpers, which created one of the most remembered (and for some – annoying ;) ) remixes of past 10 years. I'm thinking about Crazy Frog and a remix of Axel F's "Beverly Hills Cop theme". Tell us something about work on this track. Why did You choose this theme?
I did a lot of Tracks for the Crazy Frog (like Popcorn a.o) but Axel F. was done by Henning Reith, Voodoo and Wolfgang Boss and it was an idea of Jamba. For us was only fun and we never
expected that this Track would be so big.

What equipment (hardware and software) do You use in Your studio?
Two Macbook pro, Waldorf blofeld , Waldorf Pulse, Roland XV 5080, M-Audio Firewire, KRK, VXT6, Native Instruments Maschine, Presonus Studio One 2.6, Protools 11, Apple Logic X and and and

CJ Stone2

What would be Your advice to the young producers, that want to start their career and stay on the scene for as long as You did?
Creat music from your heart and believe in this what you do. Be open minded for news and other opinions this is the only way you will develop yourself further.

As we can read on Your website "CJ" stands for "Cassette Jockey". I have to say that it sounds quite intriguing, especially nowadays, in an era of digital music and playing from laptops. ;) How did mixing from cassete tapes looked like?
It was big fun, i had pitchable Tapedecks and of course the mixes wasn´t that good like our days. But it was a beginning.

What else would You like to say to the readers of
Greetings to all my polish fans and i cannot wait to play for u again. See you all very soon.
Best Wishes
Andreas aka CJ Stone

Thanks a lot for the interview and I wish You all the best in the future.

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Zbigniew "Emill" Pławecki (